Setup Guidelines

1) The Lag Monster:  We all know about the lag monster and how easily it can hit visitors once we step on the sim. We can’t eliminate lag but we do ask merchants to not use heavy prim items, heavy mesh items, go over prim limit, particles, and nothing may be placed outside the store.

2) Collisions:  Anything in the store that can be created phantom please do your best to do so. This will greatly help reduce, help other merchants and visitors.

3) Scripts: Scripts are one of the main causes for lag on any region. The vendors, kiosks, gacha, raffle, auction, and hunt box are already a large script burden on the servers. Please do your best to not use any scripts at all in your store and builds.

4) Textures:  Textures should be kept to a resolution of 512 x 512 and no larger the 2048×2048. Larger texture resolutions create a heavier burden on the servers and the more there are in an area, the harder the servers work to generate them for each avatar whose viewer is communicating to receive them.

5) Prim Limit: We ask all merchants to stick to the prim limit you signed up for. For this event the prim limit is 100. Only region sponsor have 300 prim limit.