Back to the Future 2018

Events For Parkinson’s announces Back to the Future event. The event will take place on March 1st, 2018 and run until midnight on March 30th, 2018. Proceeds will be donated to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The application is open starting December 11th, 2017 – January 31st, 2018

The goal of the event is to provide an incredible shopping, entertainment, and gaming experience. It will also features exclusive items, hunts and more. We also want to raise more awareness about this amazing charity. Lend your support to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

About The Michael J Fox Foundation
Team Fox is the Grassroots Fund Raising Branch of the Michael J Fox Foundation. All their overhead and expenses are anonymously covered so that 100% raised by Team Fox is passed on to the Michael J Fox Foundation who then determines the most promising research into finding a cure for Parkinson’s.

The Michael J Fox Foundation has the highest rating by Charity Navigator. They work very hard to keep their overhead exceptionally low at only 11%. They give 89%, directly to the best research. This is perhaps the highest amount going to research of any major charity in the world. Their commitment is to find a CURE not only to find more expensive medicine or treatments.

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Misfit’s Dance Group (Audience)

🎃 The 100% Exclusives 🎃

FairyTale Mers at Creations Park

Tuesday was best in Mer Fairy theme and today`s photos are brought to you by the wonderful and talanted Sandar Gausman.

Congratulations to our winners, the beautiful Dark Crow and the stunning Yvadly.


DECEMBER MER THEMES 12 Noon every Tuesday on Creations Park

Here are our fun themes throught the month of December. Enter our theme theme contest and win some Lindens. Our prize money starts at 300L and raises!

Join the fun even if you do not want to enter the contest. Mermaids, please wear a top!

Nov 29- Elf-Mer
Dec 6 – White Winter Wonderland
Dec 13- Toys & Gifts
Dec 20- Happy Holidays
Dec 27- New Year Mer

Dolphin Taxi:


ANIMAL-MER Party at Creations Park Underwater!

Today`s Mer dance party was a wild one at Creations Park… Literally as the theme was Animal Mers!

The graceful Elowen made these beautful wings and gifted a set to everybody in attendance, a HUGE thankyou to this pretty fairy for such an amazing present!


Dark Crow was the winner of the best costume contest, many congratulations!


As always , a huge thanks to Ari for the beautiful piano music that kept the tails twirling!

Thanks and Love to Fran who looked super-huggable as a Cat-Fish and Barbie who was monkeying around as a Mer-Gorilla for everything they do for us at beautiful Creations Park!


Sorry that todays pictures are low quality, secondlife and I were not getting along for a while there! I hope you will enjoy them anyway.