About Creations Park

Our RL family felt a desire to give meaning and purpose to the hours we spent in-world. Our dad died with Parkinson’s and our mother, Fran Seranade, has it now. To quote her “I may have Parkinson’s, but it does not have me.” At 88 years young, she is active in Second Life, and is thrilled to see herself running, and dancing again. Those of us in Second Life can have fun while knowing we are making a difference in the real world.

Please watch our award winning video about the benefits of SL for my 88 “years young” RL Mom who has Parkinson’s. This will touch your heart! Ebbe Linden (CEO of Linden Labs) has called this the most important video ever made about Second Life!
The Drax File: World Makers- Episode 13 Creations for Parkinson’s

100% of all donations go to our official Creations Park Team Fox for The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. We believe it is important for you to know how your donations are being spent. Our family covers all tier and expenses so that all donations are given to research. Please donate to the globes on our sim.

About Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinson’s disease is a chronic degenerative disorder involving the decrease of dopamine-releasing neurons in the central nervous system. Common symptoms upon early stages of Parkinson’s disease include increased rigidity of joints, shakiness and inability to walk or move quickly. Most early symptoms include the loss of movement-related abilities, and skills. Later symptoms of Parkinson’s include cognitive and behavioral degeneration such as dementia.

According to research conducted by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF), it is estimated that seven to 10 million people live with Parkinson’s disease worldwide. Studies from PDF also state that approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with the disease each year. The probability of a Parkinson’s diagnosis increases with age. As stated in the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation website, less than 4% of people under the age of 50 are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Although there is not yet a cure for Parkinson’s disease, some treatments, such as levadopa, are available. Levadopa is a chemical that crosses the blood-brain barrier, and proves to lessen the impact of early symptoms. Many people with Parkinson’s report that regular participation in Second Life improved their movement related symptoms. Many of these people attribute symptom improvements to imagining themselves mirroring the physical movements of their avatar, which soon turned into the ability to actually make those movements. Research is currently underway to explore the possibility of possible scientific backing to these reports.

Loving Hugs from our Creations Team

– Barbie Alchemi – Founder of Creations For Parkinson’s & Creations Park Owner
– Fran Seranade – Our loving RL Mom, and our Inspiration
– AlmostThereInventor – Brother and Scripter
– Pyro – Creations Dance Club Manager and Officer

Creations Park is a: Romantic Date Friendly, sim with: Designer Shops, an Art Gallery, a place where you can go Treasure Hunting, Explore the various activities, and levels. Visit the; Tropical Beach, Underwater Mer, First Nation, Creations Park, Poetry, Nature Garden, Winter Space, Ethereal Light, Healing Temple, Buddha, Meditate, Dance, Live Music, to name just a few of the wonderful things to see, and do here.

Plus, you can connect with old friends or make new ones while relaxing, and enjoying all that Creations Park has to offer. There is something for almost everyone. A friendly, respectful sim full of wonderful people, activities, and venues.

Heart Connection, Meditation, Embracing the Light, Enlightenment, Empowerment, Forgiveness, Inspire, Peace, Love, Happiness, Harmony, Healthy, Healing, Pool, Balance, Blessing, Radiant Reiki, Aura, Sensitive, Spiritual Intuition Discussion, Dance, Creations Park.

Please join us as we work together to use our creative talents to make a difference.
Through out the year there are fundraisers with 100% of the donations go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease. There are also, donation globes located on all levels of this sim. Please give generously if you are able too. You do make a huge difference! Thank you ever so much for all your kind donations.

Thank you and Hugs to you, Barbie xoxo

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